Our Menu

Lunch Specials $9.99 / Комплексные Обеды $9.99

includes soup, hot entree & soda
1. Soups
  • Borch
  • Shurpa
  • Rasolnick
  • Chicken Noodle
2. Hot Entree
  • Uzbek Plov (beef or chicken)
  • Chicken Kabob w rice and salad
  • Chicken Wings Kabob w rice and salad
  • Lula Kebob
  • Chicken Kabob Sandwich
  • Lula Kabob Sandwich
  • Grilled Chicken Ceacer Salad
  • Fillet Bassa fish w side
  • Uzbek Meat Ravioli (fried or boiled) and Samsa
3. Soda
  • Coke
  • Sprite
  • Diet Coke
Available Monday-Friday 11:00AM - 3:00PM
Excluding Holidays
Pick Up, Eat-In, Free Delivery


  • This was my first time trying Middle Eastern food and what a great experience! Everything was very unique and absolutely delicious.
    Charos, Philadelphia
  • Awesome food, cozy place and very friendly staff! Loved the atmosphere, it made our evening very special! The food was very flavorful. We tried a lot of options like samsa, plov & kebabs.
    Diane, Philadelphia
  • 2nd time coming to Shish-Kabob Palace. What a great lamb kabob!!! Hooked up with some sweet & souer sause. Hit the spot!! Welcome to the neighborhood guys!!! Your food is awesome!!! Next time, i am going to load up on some plov.
    S.P., Philadelphia
  • I had lunch at Shish-Kabob Palace today and it was delicious and very affordable! Seems like I’ll be eating here from now on.
    Ardiana, Philadelphia
  • Yes, I CRAVE this middle eastern food and at times when I can't just eat out, we order by phone and take it to go, chicken kabobs and lamb will make your day...
    Faye, Philadelphia
  • Very friendly from start to finish, great service and outstanding food. Good portions of high quality food. Great value for the price. Chicken was marinated and cooked perfectly.
    Mr. Foodie, Philadelphia